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Hi, my name is Donovan Sanchez…


In October 2018, I resigned from a rapidly growing financial planning firm to form Skyview Financial Planning, LLC.

I was motivated, in large part, by a growing discomfort in the ways that financial advisors are compensated, as well as their ability to adequately serve populations that are in need of planning, but don’t yet have a lot of money to invest.

Let me explain.

Generally speaking, financial advisors are compensated based on their ability to sell a product for a commission, or based on a fee extracted from the money that you choose to invest with them. I struggle to see how either of these compensation models are good for the client. There are obvious conflicts of interest generated from commission-based relationships with financial professionals. Those advisors need to eat and take care of their families, so they’re likely to find creative reasons why you should buy the product they sell, even if you don’t need a product solution in the first place.

A fee based on investments under management is an improvement in comparison to commissions, but the amount you pay under this service model continues to grow with your portfolio. The cost of service for financial planning and investment advice should be independent of how much you choose to invest with any given advisor.

Skyview Financial Planning, LLC is founded on the belief that financial advisors should be paid based on their knowledge, skill, and time, rather than their ability to sell a product, or how much money you choose to let them manage.

To be clear, this firm isn’t for everyone. It is primarily for those looking for long term financial guidance, as well as the ability to offload their financial planning to a professional so that they can focus on the things that bring them greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

If you’re interested in independent advice at a fair price, or simply want to explore what a partnership with Skyview Financial Planning, LLC would look like, please schedule a free, no-obligation appointment through the link below.

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