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Financial planning for physicians who believe in independent advice for a fair price.


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Helping you live your values today while responsibly planning for tomorrow.




Hi, my name is Donovan Sanchez…


In October 2018 I resigned from a rapidly growing financial planning firm in order to form Skyview Financial Planning, LLC.

I intentionally designed the firm to serve a small number of clients in a truly meaningful way. Perhaps you’ve observed, as I have, that as companies grow too large, they tend to lose the “personal touch,” they once had when they were small.

For this reason, Skyview Financial Planning, LLC will serve a maximum of 50 client households. As of August 30, 2019, the firm has 10 ongoing client household relationships.

Skyview Financial Planning, LLC is founded on the belief that financial advisors should be paid based on their knowledge, skill, and time, rather than their ability to sell a product, or how much money you choose to let them manage. With this belief in mind, financial planning and investment management services are provided through a flat annual fee paid on a quarterly basis.

To be clear, this firm isn’t for everyone. It’s primarily for those looking to offload their financial planning and investment management so that they can focus on things that bring them greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Skyview Financial Planning, LLC works with physicians on a virtual basis throughout the United States.

If you’re interested in independent advice for a fair price, or simply want to explore what a partnership looks like, please schedule a free, no-obligation appointment through the link below.