Guest Post on The White Coat Investor: Confessions of a 'Financial Advisor'

Yesterday my article, “Confessions of a ‘Financial Advisor’” appeared on The White Coat Investor.

I wrote the article because I believe that my story is worth telling to physicians and financial advisors alike. The article is simply my perspective as someone who worked at one of the large insurance-turned-financial-planning firms.

So for today’s posting, I’m going to include a link to the White Coat Investor’s website where you can find the article.

Please find the link below and I hope you find the read both interesting, as well as informative.


The content you just read is for informational purposes only. Yes, I’m a financial advisor, but this article really isn’t intended as advice for you specifically. Your unique situation needs to be taken into account, and the ideas presented here may not apply.

So, please make sure you do your due diligence BEFORE implementing anything. Due diligence may include hiring a qualified professional who understands your situation completely and can offer you personalized advice.

Donovan Sanchez