Comprehensive Financial Planning

Clients benefit from ongoing financial planning services including:

  • Visioning, values, and intention setting;

  • Cash flow planning;

  • Life and disability insurance planning;

  • Student (and other) debt planning;

  • Retirement planning;

  • Education planning;

  • Tax planning;

  • Charitable giving planning;

  • Estate and wealth transfer planning.

Accountability and Coaching

Like taking care of our health, financial planning generally isn’t overly complex. Certainly there are some aspects of it that take effort to understand, but I believe that most people given the right amount of time and desire could do reasonably well on their own.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot that demands our attention, and it can be easy to fail in executing our intentions.

My role in our relationship is to keep you on track so that you can live out your values today while responsibly planning for tomorrow.