Wealth Management

Clients are billed a single flat fee for financial planning and investment management services. This fee is not tied to assets under management. In other words, whether you have $10,000; $100,000; or $1,000,000 you will pay the same flat annual fee.

Skyview Financial Planning, LLC provides comprehensive wealth management solutions for individuals at every stage of the investment journey—from opening your first Roth IRA to helping you determine a retirement distribution strategy.

Focusing on low-cost, tax-efficient, globally diversified index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, Skyview Financial Planning, LLC assists investors in obtaining their fair share of market returns. In addition to this academically accepted investment philosophy, Skyview Financial Planning, LLC helps clients:

  • determine an appropriate asset allocation based on their risk tolerance;

  • diversify their investments over multiple asset classes;

  • execute an efficient asset location strategy to minimize taxes;

  • incorporate a disciplined rebalancing approach; and

  • keep costs low through the minimization of fund expenses, trading and transaction fees, and taxes.